Aux deux cris­taux

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Aux Deux Cristaux is a wellness center located in St-Nicolas. It’s following a really bad experience with an unscrupulous service provider (and a one shot agreement with a monthly paid subscription) that the client approached EXIT Studio. Its website having been deleted, the client asked us to recreate one from scratch, with a copywriting service to optimized its content.

To highlight the “zen” and “oriental lore” of its center – and in accordance with the psychological effects of the colors – we have opt for the purple color (as it is believed that this color has pacifying and healing vertues on minds).

Finally, in order to highlight the services offered, we went for a less conventional design, with cleaned diagonals built using SVG technology.

Aux deux cristaux - Site internet - Page d'accueil - EXIT Studio

Aux Deux Cristaux website is suitable for all kind of supports : mobile phone, smartphone and tablet using responsive design technology (which ensure the design adjustement for every further display size).

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All the website’s content was writen by EXIT Studio (through our copywriting service) and thereby search engine optimized using keywords sparingly integrated into the content. A document resume the keywords employed with their monthly search volume and competitive level).

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